Rap City

by Teebzz

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just some clever lyrics i threw together over the rack city beat I DO NOT OWN THIS BEAT


Teebzz comin thru, running like 100 shoes
Busting move, getting loose, like a girl in a room with 20 dudes
Yeah thats my crew, "Running Deep" like chevys do,
Shouldve tried this on in a fitting room, so you know just what youre getting into
But now its Too late, so zip your mouth like a suit case
I got coo rhymes on blue lines, and spit em out like tooth paste,
Youre Harvey Dent, Two faced (batman)
Big Sean, Too Fake
OOh wait, I got your heart banging hard like 2 apes,
Or a kick drum, the one with the zero in the middle of two 8's (808 drum)
And one day, I'll stack mixtapes like new plates, or hot cakes,
I think outside of the box, my thoughts like scotch tape;)

Yes, and ladies the way i do,
I hit the dance floor cause ladies love the way i move
They way i groove to the tunes we're moving to
and Im dancing with her whole group, cause i dont really like to choose

Yeah thats crew love, they tell me that im Too much,
I get these white girls in the sheets kinda like i recruit for the Ku Klux
Im Too Nuts, I hang all day and i give NO fucks,
unless im with your girls, cause i'll put the meat in the buns like cold cuts,
And i'll eat it up like subway, your girls on top, the only one above me
Its lovely, the way i piece together lyrics
Call it the frozen puzzle cause haters freeze up when they hear it

And im passing the gas like flatulent ass,
got the pedal to the metal, goin fast like a dash
you stay flashin your cash, say that your racks lookin fat
but the fact of the matter is thats all chitter chat
The say Im RAW, but when i rap i put the SMACK DOWN (WWE)
Im never gonna back down, Bring the hits like Manny Pacquio,
Yo girl is on my nuts, she saw lap and then she sat down
Now shes tryin to wear my hat and feel me UP, just like a pat DOWN
Sorry baby gotta tell you toodaloo,
Cause im trying to play the field, not just warm the bench with you;)
Catch me in the functions, like apostrophes in conjunctions,
And i'll tell you how it is, so there's no room for assumption,

Be cool while im in the vicinity, sexy singles sending me signals,
trying to be sentimental with me,
I give them minimal speech, but subliminal words,
my messages stings like a bee, and makes you sore like a bird (Birds and the bees)
Did you catch that? Rack City beat i wreck that,
Im chillin in the city by the port, where the best at
we got that fresh rap, its iller than swine flu,
got you waitin for my next track, illness is times 2
Double the trouble, but no need to clone me,
Or maybe i should so the top wont get lonely,
Naw its whatever, i'll be the only,
now its time to go ham (AGHH) better yet bologna.


released March 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Teebzz Mesa, Arizona

This is the official Teebzz music page. Im an 18 year old musician from Stockton, CA. I rap, sing play guitar, drums, and im getting into producing. Music is my life and my outlet and i look foward to sharing my latest creations to you. Listen. Enjoy. Give Feedback. Love. ... more

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