by Teebzz

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A little something i wrote a while back to Mac Millers "Thoughts From a Balcony" beat I DO NOT OWN THIS BEAT


Blank pages, no topics, empty paper,
staring at these lines trying to think up a game changer,
a fame gainer, trying to create an image live cave painters,
make em last forever, make them forget me never,
stay clever, but switch the flow to keep em guessin
keep them questioning my motives, while they watch me take it over
four leaf clover, i bend over, i pick it up
give it to my haters cause i wish them all the best of luck,
as i take my spot, tippy toes reaching for the top,
wont look down, refuse to drop, and will not quit til the music stops,
stop, stop, why you talking shit,
You say you put in work, im about to make you call in sick
You better call it quits, im gonna call the shots
Give what i have to give, and get what i havent got,
Im never satisfied, im always wanting more,
Working for this paper while i show you what this pen is for

Its all about the dream x3 Watch me turn it to reality

Flying solo,rhyming alone, dont you think im foolish,
Saying "Who can do this, moving music, self producing?"
Truth is groovin crewless isnt as stupid as you would think,
think about it, all i worry bout is doing me,
Its just fewer things in the way of getting to where im going,
A few inactive factors in the way of foward motion,
Less commotion so i can focus and acquire targets
Let my pencil be the stencil that insprires artists
These thoughts im thinking, while im sitting all alone,
At my home, writing bars, trying to make it on my own,
No help, by myself, posting up in my zone,
til im ready to leave this chair and sit upon my throne,
Damn, Love goes out to those who waited
Took a while for me to get back on, but thanks for being patient
but Now i have the tools, and rules that can hold me back
from here i stop the dreamin and from here i start to act


released February 26, 2013



all rights reserved


Teebzz Mesa, Arizona

This is the official Teebzz music page. Im an 18 year old musician from Stockton, CA. I rap, sing play guitar, drums, and im getting into producing. Music is my life and my outlet and i look foward to sharing my latest creations to you. Listen. Enjoy. Give Feedback. Love. ... more

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