Cali Dreamin'

by Teebzz

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original....Beat by OFasho @OFasho1



Im grinding all day like a blacksmith
Im a star, an asterith (*) idk
The new Sh*t that im spittin is classic,
Cant match it, That Plaid Sh*t (Cant match plaid with plaid lol)
Got your girl on my lips like chapstick,
If she wants the D she can have it,
And i dont even smoke but im gonna hit it once that pass it,
POOF, im gone like magic, hopped out of her hole like a rabbit,
I hit her and her girlfriend too, Call that collateral Damage,
i guess thats just my cali ways, always straight foward like an alleyway,
my thoughts trapped in a bottle like alazae (The drink)
But its safe to say, im letting them out today,
Let me out to play, lion's out the cage
Rippin and chippin doubt out of the way,
and movin' these losers all out of my face,
by spillin ill lyrics all out on the page,
Born in the port, reppin' cali til the end of my days,
and no matter where this road takes me, it can never ever take that away
Cant take that away, Calis like an STD
Coursing thru my veins so nothing can take it out of me,
wanna make her proud of me so i keep her in my dreams
and no matter where i go i wanna let her know one thing

No matter where i go you know im california dreamin
I dont know my destination, i dont know my next stop,
all i know is that im reaching rising, climbing for the top and
no matter where i go you know im california dreamin

Cali dreamin, livin' life in another state,
like eating the same meal, but just off another plate,
and one day, ill get some money and move out to the bay,
where ill say west side til i die and F what you gotta say
I'll have myself a Cali chick, give her the cali D*ck,
She'll probably want me to settle down but ill have to cali Dip
kinda like guacamole, with out the bag of chips
Cause im in that cali state of mind and got no time for a bitch
A bit harsh i admit, but fuggit where my boys at, make some noise til your voice cracks
Always had my back, thanks for that now i got yours,
sure as pacific ocean waves hit california shores


released April 3, 2013



all rights reserved


Teebzz Mesa, Arizona

This is the official Teebzz music page. Im an 18 year old musician from Stockton, CA. I rap, sing play guitar, drums, and im getting into producing. Music is my life and my outlet and i look foward to sharing my latest creations to you. Listen. Enjoy. Give Feedback. Love. ... more

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